Everett Fitzpatrick is an artist based in Los Angeles. Everett likes printed things and music. Feel free to reach out to discuss collaborative opportunities or to share your work. Ev’s always looking for new friends.

    Everett is currently making new photographs as well as accepting commissions. This website is a placeholder displaying past commercial projects. Thank you.

    Everett’s photography portfolio will be accessible February 2021 at this url.

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Creative Director: Leah Lehrer
Creative Producer + Photo Lead + Coordinator: Everett Fitzpatrick
Digital Tech: Erick Wilczynski
Photographers: Quinn Tucker, Charles Reagan, Sheva Kafai, Kayla Reefer, Tim Hans, Coen Rees, Scott Hutchinson, Michael Drummond, Sam Balaban Videographers: Jeffrey Prosser, Andy Koeger, Jackie Lee Young
Editorial: Hannah Travis, Taj Nihal, Matthew Kaplan, Henry Sanchez, Emma Debany, Jeff Caves
Film Development: Brandon Facon
Graphics: Ally Millard
Production Assistants: Hannah Hicks, Emily Miao