Everett Fitzpatrick is a Photographer, Photo Editor, and Producer based in Los Angeles. Everett likes printed things and music. Feel free to reach out to discuss collaborative opportunities or to share your work. Ev’s always looking for new friends.

    Everett is currently accepting commissions.

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Creative Director: Leah Lehrer
Creative Producer + Photo Lead + Coordinator: Everett Fitzpatrick
Creative Producer + Coordinator: Noah Reardon
Digital Tech: Zach Ballantine
Photographers: Quinn Tucker, Miranda McDonald, Calder Wilson, Roger Ho, Maria Loucerio, Keenan Hairston, Julian Basjel, Greg Noire, Charles Regan, Brian Lima, Lance Gerber, Pooneh Ghana, Elli Lauren, Tim Hans, Andrew Jorgensen, Yana Yatsuk, Kayala Reefer, Sam Balaban, Carl Pierre
Editorial: Taj Nihal, Henrey Sanchez, Eric Anderson, Natalie Somekh, Jeff Caves, Shayda Yazdani
Production Assistants: Hannah Hicks, Theo Buckwald, Emily Miao, Everett Essex